Happy Easter/Spring

April 2, 2010

I have once again found myself on the bus to Philadelphia for the Easter weekend. The best part of Easter is not only ham and chocolate bunnies, it’ that it signifies to me the beginning of spring. It’s time break out of our caves and get back out into the world. For me it’s about trying to cease as many opportunities to make pictures as I can. In an attempt to expand my image library I will be heading off to Dublin the end of next month. I’ll be doing some shooting, frolicking barefoot in the lush green hills, and of course enjoying a Guinness or two.

I’m just glad its getting warm again.


The Raven

April 1, 2010

Spent some time trying to mix it up a bit and try out some new lighting. My good friend Meghan offered herself up to be my model for the afternoon. You may recognize Meghan from my NY Jedi shoot. Being a photographer herself, she is always willing to help out with my shoots. The first top 10 Horror/ Fashion shoots is coming soon. Don’t be surprised if you see some more of Meghan before those images come out into the light, as she will be helping me on that shoot too.

People’s choice pdn faces: Vote for me

March 15, 2010

Please take a moment to vote for my image in the pdn Faces competition, peoples choice.

Vote here!

It literally only takes a few seconds. More from the shoot to come soon!

My Top For 2010: Tim Burton @ The Moma

March 14, 2010

An ongoing list of what is good in the new decade.

If you haven’t already had a chance to go to the Tim Burton show at the Moma in NYC you should make a trip out. The show is filled with so much of what make’s up the mind of Tim Burton, from his sketches,  short films, sculptures, and even movie props. Its only up till April 26th so don’t miss out on this experience, it is a Must see for 2010.

Tim Burton at The Moma

Hello and Willkommen

March 14, 2010

Welcome to the inner depths of the mind of Stephen Zadrozny. The following is just that, my thoughts, works of art, inspiration, and other facts that make up Zadrozny Photography. If you haven’t already seen my work check out ZadroznyPhotography.com. If you have then stay tuned for more.