Two wheels and the Irish coast

(The Before)
May 24, 2010
Today was a challenge of my biking and directional skills. First of all I must say that gears are great! It’s been a while since I road a geared bike, (as I ride a fixed gear back home) and it’s very nice when your legs no longer want to respond to hard labor. My mission for today was to bike from Dublin to Wexford a ambitious 132km or 80mi. My overall goal is to get to Cork which is about 300km. This would have been longer than I have ever gone, especially solo cross country. The day started off on the wrong foot, I woke up too late and didn’t get on the road till 11am when I was shooting for more like 9-9:30. Regardless I went on my way south, first stop Brie. Well not really a stop but more of a time check to see how long this was going to take. I saw signs in town for a costal walking path. I decided to check it out and see if it was bike-able. It was not! I meandered half on foot (mind you I was wearing my clipless bike shoes) through sharp rocky paths and for a bit up a steep flight of stairs with 60lb of bike and gear on my shoulder. It was nice at first to be away from all the cars but by the end of the mere 5km (which took me an hour) I welcomed my motorized road mates. From her on the day went pretty smooth, I rode along the coastline stopping to take pictures or refill my water bottle.
About 4 hours in I hit my midway point Brittas Bay. I stopped at a pub with a view of the coast to grab a bite to eat. A side note, I was the only one in the pub besides the bartender, so it was a quiet lunch. I was feeling very positive about the ride ahead though my legs may have disagreed, but I ate and move on down the road. The rest must have made my body think that it was done for the day as the next 14km to Arklow seemed to take forever. I pulled off the road and called my good friend Dan who I am staying with back in Dublin. I realized that in the time allotted for the day I was not going to make it another 69km to Wexford before the check in office at the Hostel closed for the night. I realized I could still ride another few hours so I had Dan look for a cheap place to stay in the next town down Gorey. Gorey and even Arklow had no Hostels as they are not touristy towns. This was a problem for me as I am on a budget and could not afford the 70 euro for a hotel. After riding around neighborhoods searching for a open wifi signal for over an hour I finally decided to cut my losses and just find a spot the bunk down for the night. After asking for a room at a hotel, and discovering it was way more that I hoped I got a recommendation for the woman at the check in desk that there was a cheap B&B down the road, so she called them and got me a room. The place was nice and I was able to have my own room, which was fine since I was going to be in a 6 person dorm in Wexford. I paid for my room unpacked and went into town for a bite and a pint. Apparently 9:30 at night is too late to eat at a pub in Arklow, so I went to the only open place a Chinese restaurant where I once again ate my meal in completely empty restaurant. What an appropriate end to this weird day. I must say though despite the struggles the weather was perfect, the scenery was amazing, so all in all is was a good ride.
Windmills of the coast. I’ve never seen any in the middle of the ocean before.
May 25, 2010
Happy Birthday to my Big Sister. I am riding back to Dublin because at this point Cork is way to far for me to get even if I had two more days. The route is the same so I can take more of the pictures I passed up yesterday due to my time crunch. Once again the weather is perfect, which I have been told is odd to have so many nice days in a row here. Total distance approx 170km in 11 hours which is officially my longest ride to date. I think its pretty good considering I did it solo.
(The After)

(Immediately After that)

For more of Yoda’s Adventures in Ireland click the image below.


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